Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Where Am I From?

Navy's Scribbles

Don't call me crazy.
I don’t think about this often but I seem to be the only one of the Outlawz--maybe the only kid in all of Nowhere--who has no past or memory outside of this town. I guess I was born here? But whenever I say that everyone tells me I'm stoopid. 

"No one's born in Nowhere. Mayor Blue brings you here. Everyone knows that."
Some of the other kids have visions or flashes or even full memories of a time before they were here. So why am I different? Do I have parents? I mean I know I have them, I was born. Duh. But did they let me go? Or did Mayor Blue take me when I was too young to have memories before here, or...?

Screw this, the Outlawz are heading out and I don’t want to think about this anymore. Time to show everyone why we OUTLAWZ are to be feared.

Outlawz forever!!

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