Friday, September 5, 2014

Teachin' the Outlawz a Thing or Two

Navy's Scribbles

WHAT  A RUSH!!!!! The Outlawz well, mostly me, showed them ALL! ALL!!!! We have been working for some schmuck named Scarlet, attacking tracktors and blowing stuff up to stop some road people want to build.

Who needs a road? Like anyone wants to come to Nowhere anyways.

This day we were given a BIG job and I finished it. ME! Not Cobalt or any of the rest of them. They all think they're so big. But who got the job done? NAVY. Some of them even quit the group after! It was amazeing. The power I felt blowing up that diner was better than any hope. Well. Just as good anyways. Scarlet gave us a box of dynomite and told us to blow up a well-known place to eat. Cobalt just about said that I was gonna punk out but I didn't. 

I'm no punk.

 More than ever now I am ready. For whatever comes next.

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