Sunday, September 14, 2014


Navy's Scribbles

They just don’t get it. None of them do. I am the tuffest one here. I know it, and now I proved it. I didn't just do what Scarlet said--I went beyond. I got dedlier. And they saw me. I know they did, all those people from Somewhere. They saw me and they were scared. I saw the fear on their stoopid faces. I really made an impression on them. On everyone! Outlawz included. 

I'm the baddest thing to happen to Nowhere since Mayor Blue. I don't care what Cobalt sez.
I think I may have found something that comes close to what hope feels like. It sure is better than stale hope and who knows? Soon I may not even need Scarlet, hope, or the Outlawz.

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